Our Very Successful First Semester
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Hey there, Psycholinguistics Fans!

VoiceLab is ending Fall 2023 on a strong note. Here are our updates: 

🚀 San Francisco, Here We Came! – Dr. Ethan Kutlu and Samantha Chiu, our lab’s dynamic duo, took the Psychonomics meeting in San Fran by storm! It is giving setting the stage on fire!

🌟 Emerson Peters: The Rising Star – Emerson, our rockstar research assistant, not only wowed everyone at the Society of Physics Students in Iowa with her killer research proposal but also snagged a nomination for the ultra-competitive Goldwater Scholarship. Go, Emerson!

💡 Jake Boudreau: The Grant Guru – Jake, another of our brilliant minds, just submitted his first-ever grant. That’s a huge deal, folks! He’s turning his big ideas into reality, and we’re all cheering him on! This grant is also an international one. 

🖥️ Leo Moore & Nick Theuerkauf: The Code Wizards – Leo’s been cooking up something big in the computational realm, and guess what? His model is up and running! This is huge for our lab’s computational game. Leo’s on a roll! Nick has been firing up some Python scripts to process the Japanese corpus. These scripts were a great success and now Nick will be heading to Greece for a study abroad semester. 

🌏 Laura Evans: Fulbright-bound! – Get this: Laura just landed a Fulbright Scholarship to jet off to South Korea. We will miss Laura's memes! In such a short period of time, Laura did amazing things. We couldn’t be prouder!

All our lab members are working really hard on their own projects and there is more to come. We can't wait to share those with you all. 

VoiceLab isn’t just a lab; it is a place where we celebrate everything about language and our authentic journeys (no cap)! 

🔥 Stay tuned for more VoiceLab awesomeness! 🔥